Leslie Dumont grew-up eating pie on her grandmother’s farm in Tennessee. When she was about 20 years old, she had the crazy idea of making a pie (thinking it would be “as easy as pie”). She quickly discovered that making pie crust was anything but easy. Frustrated, and tired of her family begging her to stop making awful pie “it tastes like cardboard”, she set-out on a mission to master pie crust. She took pastry classes at culinary schools and became an accomplished pie baker.

Believing that all households should be able to enjoy homemade pie (don’t even get her started on the evils of store-bought pie), she came-up with the pie-in-the-sky idea of launching Proud To Be Flaky frozen pie crust. Leslie had left her career in fashion advertising, to raise her young son, and decided to throw caution to the wind and enter the specialty food business. It was a delightful project that kept her busy and allowed her to pretend that she was Diane Keaton, in Baby Boom.

Proud To Be Flaky sold in most of the specialty food stores in the Tri-State area and was called “better than homemade” by The New York Times.

Although the product sold well and had a strong following, it proved too expensive to manufacture and distribute. While the product was in stores, Leslie taught pie classes at some of her retail outlets.  She discovered that she loved teaching and sharing her years of pie baking experience with fellow pie lovers.

She now teaches private pie classes in her kitchens in New York City, Amagansett and San Francisco. You can book a class by contacting her at: leslie@proudtobeflaky.com or leslie@lesliedumont.com

Minimum three students required.